How to Add Music on Instagram Videos, Stories & Reels 2021

There are so many creative benefits to adding music to your Instagram videos that you’ll feel like a social media professional in no time. Instagram videos are no longer as simple as they seem. Nowadays, it’s essential to make your content more engaging and original. 

Whether you’re using a third-party application to get some unique music or use the built-in tunes of the Instagram application, there are several ways to add music to your videos.

If you want to take your profile and engagement rate to the next level, this is your complete guide on adding music to your Instagram videos, stories, and reels in 2021.


Where to Get Music For Instagram

Before even thinking about adding music to your Instagram videos, the most crucial question that will come to your mind is “Where to get music for Instagram?”. You may not know where to get non-copyrighted music to add to your videos. If not licensed, Instagram may ban your content and eventually take the video down from the platform.

If you’re planning to post a story, it makes things drastically easier as you can use the built-in music, which is licensed and won’t cause you any trouble. Oppositely, if you’re willing to choose other music than the one in the application, the options below are your best bet.


Your iTunes Library

If you’re looking for music to add to your Instagram videos, don’t go anywhere but your iTunes library. You can purchase and download any song to use an external video editor to include it in your footage.

This allows you to choose your favourite song to use on Instagram and attract a broader audience in some cases. 

But beware: Just because it’s purchased through iTunes doesn’t mean your audio track won’t be banned by Instagram.


Audio Jungle

If you want something more original than your iTunes Library, AudioJungle is the right solution, and it will also be cheaper in the long run. With its vast selection of copyright-free music starting as cheap as $1 per track, it’s an easy choice with all the benefits that come along with using stock audio.


Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is another music platform that offers over 35,000 songs and sound effects that content creators can use only by paying a small monthly subscription. Other than simply downloading the songs, Epidemic Sound also offers filters where you can sort by genre or mood to match your content. If licensing isn’t something your business wants to worry about, then Epidemic Sound is the solution you’re looking for.


Add Music to Instagram Posts

To add music to your Instagram post and make your content more interesting, you will need to edit your video before posting it manually. Unlike the Stories on Instagram, there is no in-app feature available to edit posts. Use the solutions mentioned above and edit your video before posting it on your feed to get the music.


How to Add music to an Instagram Video Using iMovie or Kinemaster

iMovie and Kinemaster are two applications to edit videos for iOS and Android devices, respectively. Let’s go through the simple steps to add music on Instagram videos using both software solutions.


Add Music to Instagram Posts Using Kinemaster

First things first, open Kinemaster and upload the video you want to add music to. Once done, tap on the musical note on the right-hand side of the screen near the recording and media buttons. Choose the + button to choose the music you want to load.

After that, you will see the audio file below the video as a green bar. Adjust it to be heard when you like, and you’re done.

To now export your video, click on the share button (a square with an arrow on both Android and iOS) and select where you want to save the video – in this case, straight to Instagram.


Add Music to Instagram Posts Using iMovie.

If you’re an iPhone user, iMovie might be the better option to add music to your Instagram videos.

Once inside iMovie, tap on the + symbol on top of your screen to open a new project and choose “Movie”. Select the type of movie you want to edit and tap “Create movie” at the bottom.

After that, hit the + symbol on the left-hand side of the video and select “Audio” and “My Music”. Locate the music or sound effect you want to add, choose it, and tap the +symbol.

The music is now on your project, and you’ll find it under your video in the timeline. Adjust it as you like and tap the Export button (a square button with an arrow) and save it in your gallery.

Add Music to a Video on Instagram Stories

Adding music to your videos when posting a story couldn’t be any easier. To start, open Instagram and tap the + button on the top left of the screen on your profile image. You’ll be prompted with your phone gallery. From here, you have the option to take a photo or record a new video.

If you have already shot the photo or video, select it from your gallery on the bottom left of your screen.

Once the video is loaded, tap on the musical note on the top of the screen and go through the music library to find a song or sound effect to include.

The advantage of using this option is that all the songs and sound effects are licensed, and you won’t have any copyrighting issues.


Add Music to Instagram Reels

To upload a reel, head over to your profile and click on the + symbol on the top of your screen and choose “Reel”.

Just like the Stories, you can either record new content or choose the footage from your gallery. However, before that, tap on the musical note on the left-hand side of the screen to access the music library.

Select one, choose the part you want to use, load your video, and the audio is now added. To share your Reel, simply click the right arrow, preview it, and tap on “Next”.

Before posting, you can add a caption, crop the profile image, and tag people. Finally, tap on “Share”, and your Reel is now live.

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