Our new Hyperlook feature views up to 500,000 Instagram Stories per day.

Mass view Instagram stories automatically based on other Instagram profiles


Mass engagement

Mass view Instagram stories automatically based on other Instagram profiles.

Get new followers

Build your audience with our mass view feature and get new followers

Increased reach

View between 100,000 - 500,000 Instagram Stories

Make the difference.

Here is features for you

Follow any profile

Select which Instagram profiles to view based on account name

Discover accounts by profile name

Discover Instagram profiles based on other similar profiles

Multiple plans

Flexible pricing to suit all budgets

See your stats

Get access to your account stats daily

Add any account

Use any account with our Instagram bot today

Different speed settings

Choose what speed to run your account at

Grow your account

Boost your account growth in no time

Happy clients

Improve your account growth massively

Hyperlook has the ability to mass view Instagram stories, getting you more real followers

Our new feature is available in 24 hour trial, monthly and yearly plans

Grow your accounts

Major account growth

View 500,000 Instagram stories

Get as visible as possible

Real time stats

View your Instagram growth in real time


Pricing designed to fit your needs


19.99 / EUR month

Save 161.36 EUR when paid annually

  • Only 1 Instagram account
  • Post Types:
  • Photo, Video
  • Story (Photo only),
  • Album (Photo only)
  • Modules:
  • Hyperlook  
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149.99 / EUR month

Save 1237.51 EUR when paid annually

  • Up to 10 Instagram accounts
  • Post Types:
  • Photo, Video
  • Story (Photo+Video),
  • Album (Photo+Video)
  • Modules:
  • Hyperlook  
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